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Grigori Grabovoi


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Organ Regeneration

Astonishing Documented Case Studies in Organ Regeneration and Self Healing

The latest news from Russia is that there’s an incredible phenomena sweeping the country where hundreds of documented cases of healings and organ re-generations are taking place. Russia, the report says,is leading the way in the field of elevated thought technologies and these events, which we acknowledge run contrary to current medical thinking, have been verified by independent medical specialists using ultrasound and tomography. The report also says these results have taken place through the power of well just, consciousness.

The following are some of the results achieved in Russia by ordinary people using self-help consciousness technologies of Great Russian scientist Grigori Grabovoi and Professor Arcady Petrov. Professor Grabovoi was the first to discover these new methods in the early 90’s and Arcady Petrov was the first to regenerate his gall bladder and appendix after falling terminally ill in 1997.

Petrov’s and Grabovoi’s institutes have helped facilitate successful treatment of hundreds of people with a variety of medical conditions. Some include the incredible full re-growth of previously removed organs and complete recovery from a variety of diseases in their last stages, i.e. regeneration of diseased kidneys, gall bladders, the pancreas, female reproductive organs, debilitated thyroid glands and the regrowing of teeth and hair. Results have been verified by independent medical experts using standard diagnostic equipment such as ultrasound and tomography with no cases involving surgical or medicinal intervention.


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